Analysis of Real Househelps (KTN) of Dec 7, 2016

By David Mwenda

It is one of the most watched shows in the country right now. Ask any person who watches the show they will tell you it is one of the very few major hits we have on Kenyan television. It is none other than The Real Househelps of Kawangware.

So, if you probably missed today’s show, let me dumb down the major things that happened.

First things first. Matilda and Njambi were at it and they didn’t give us a break for a second, what with the back-and-forth stemming from Njambi’s ineffective phone.

The standoff escalates into a bigger fight when Njambi throws out Matilda’s clothes outside and when she comes from the shower and goes out to search for her clothes, Njambi closes the door and this leaves Matilda in a huge dilemma and she has to go and borrow clothes from the watchman.
Truphena goes behind Awiti and crosses her by telling Detective that Awiti is making Makena work in the house while  she does nothing.

Detective authorizes her to take Awiti’s property and to evict her from the house. She does that and immediately goes to Detective’s house and they leave bent on removing Awiti’s possessions from the house and start packing them.

On seeing this, Awiti threatens Makena that she will tell Detective of their little secret.

When Detective arrives at the house, he immediately confronts Makena on the rumours he had heard that she has been doing all the house work.

She tries to cover up but in the long run it fails and Detective talks with her in a private meeting and she eventually owns up.

She however starts feeling uneasy and finally she faints as they continue talking. Truphena and Awiti falsely accuse him of killing Makena.

The show was on point and I think with the type of drama that the Kenyan movie industry is putting out, we are sure of very successful TV shows.

The whole idea of showing how the normal Kenyan household is makes the show very relatable with all target markets more so the middle class and the lower class.

However, the show needs to expand its budget and include much more props and improve its content when it comes to resonating with the youth.

The bitter fact is that most youth don’t watch local programmes because of the amateurish shooting of the shows.

Also, the show needs to take a break at least once in a while and rebrand. With that, it will be easier to sell these local shows.

I would award today’s episode of The Real Househelps of Kawangware a 3/5 for its comical approach. But they seriously need to rethink the storyline.


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