A critique of Cate Sidede’s Kiss FM show of Friday Dec 9

By David Mwenda

On our radio review today we focus on the midmorning show.

Its focus mainly lies with one particular show which the Kenya’s New Kiss midmorning show hosted by Cate Sidede.

I have to admit it she is good. She has the hype and she can really light up your morning if you let her to. However here are the highlights of what happened on the show
What’s the Big Deal?
I love it when she asks what the big deal. Here she was looking at why it is it a big deal if a woman decides not take up her husband’s surname when she gets married.

You may ask why she would ask well the Kardashians are refusing Blac China to get the surname after she gets married to Rob Brown.

Well, now that you have the back story to this, let’s get to the details.

The comments on this story were interesting and you could feel directing the team to some direction on this conversation and her approach makes you feel like a meaningful conversation even though the story is not so interesting not to be a hater but I have never liked the Kardashians. But, anyway, who cares about my opinion on them? Y’all love them, though I don’t get why.

Well, Cate was very good at this conversation and engaged every interested party which I think is very clever of her.

She is good I mean give her a few years and she will be battling for a more prime position on Kiss FM and at the top level with other top radio personalities.

What she needs to change is play less music and actually keep people talking and engaging them in more and more conversations on what is happening and what is happening with the ordinary Kenyan.


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