Some thoughts on stories in the Nation website on Friday Dec 9

By David Mwenda
This is not the normal newspaper review I bring every single morning.

Today we look at the top stories that are trending in the different top websites we have in Kenya so we look at the Daily Nation website.
The first story we had to look out for is obvious — the National Super Alliance which is causing sparks on the news cycle. And, finally, Uhuru has commented on the so-called force which is coming into force.

Speaking on his North Rift tour, he laughed off the idea of the alliance and promised to beat the alliance as Jubilee is stronger and stronger as they have their frontrunners intact and ready while the opposition is busy looking for its frontrunners.

I agree with him: they have a formidable formation but that is because they are in power. The opposition is regrouping and he should really be prepared for the worst when 2017 arrives because he is going to have very tough competition from the National Super Alliance because it’s going to be a two-horse race most likely.

Cord is at it again. I tell you this because they are, really. So they had a press conference on Thursday and gave an ultimatum on the selection panel to give in the names for their nominees for the IEBC commissioners are not met.

Another story that caught my eye was that of a chimp. No, seriously. It is interesting the chimp Manno is one of the best thing Kenya can have. Why? Well, it is like basically the most famous animal I have ever seen so it is popular because it has an interesting story. It was originally born in Syria but was taken to Iraq where it was given cigarettes by tourists and was made to do very weird things.

However, it has been saved and taken away and will now be a resident at the Olpejeta conservancy which is on the foot of Mt Kenya.

I think it is for the best and all the best to the chimp I guess.
Finally, we finish this review with the myNetwork magazine that which interviewed the phenomenal Edith Kimani. I have to admit I have always admired this lady.

She is the most interesting journalist of our time.

I have to admit I would like to follow in her footsteps but, hey, we can’t be someone who has already been.

Anyway, I think the take-five on Edith was good.

The Nation decided to cover her career and avoided  very personal questions.

I think it’s a bold move and I do support it. We are tired of reading about what her inspirations are. I mean, I can give that I already have talk points for that anyway get on to the Daily Nation website and check out the stories making headlines as of now.


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