A closer analysis of KTN’s Friday Briefing of Dec 9

By David Mwenda

The Friday Briefing show is the best thing that ever happened to anyone. Trust me; it was lit and on point.

The show is one of the things that trends every weekend and it is always a show that lightens up your Friday evening.

Anyone who didn’t go out raving had something to smile about.

Let me give you a breakdown of Friday’s show.

First things first, it was all about the news because it is aired from 9 pm. The top story was on the ongoing health workers’ strike.

The good news is that the strike might be ending as doctors in Bomet have already agreed to go back to work.

This comes after the doctors union has asked doctors from the private sector to join in on the strike.

However the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists’ Board has warned of disciplinary measures if the private sector doctors go on strike.

I think KTN gave us both sides of the coin there the good and the bad news of what is happening in the health sector.

Also, something to note from the bulletin is the segment titled ’47 Days of Accountability’ which has managed to get county bosses working hard to come up with statements and counterstatements.

One man who is for sure not happy with KTN is the Council of Governors chairman Peter Munya who went on to say that KTN was only using the Auditor General’s report and has not waited for governors to respond to the appropriation in Senate or its respective county assemblies.

All in all, the show was nice to watch.


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