The good and the bad of 10/10 show on Citizen, Friday Dec 9

By David Mwenda
10 over 10 is a show that brings together different Kenyans and lets them enjoy the work of various artistes.

The show that is hosted by the beautiful Joey Muthengi and (as he is called) the wild Willis Raburu has turned out to be a must-watch for many people in the country. That’s for a fact.

And I think they are going a long way, if you ask me.

Friday’s show was however very different as it was the Reggae or “Jamaican” Edition.

They hosted artistes such as Sustane the Beat, Shamir de Fire, Urban Hype and The Love Child himself Wyre.

The show was also hyped by the phenomenal MC Philipo and on the ones and twos was the amazing DJ Moh formerly of the Dohty Family.

The show kicked off with a hype session from MC Phillipo. It’s very rare to see a hype session on TV but on this one I agree it was the best I have seen. I think it is a bold move for the Citizen TV to introduce such a new thing on our screens and for that Citizen deserves thumbs up.

The interviews, I should say, comprised the same old questions we have always heard.

Though I do agree that we are educating the youth, we need to approach it from a different perspective. Look at their careers and highlight moments of their careers, what they are doing to help the youth and what they think they can be done to the Kenyan industry.

An interview which I found lacking with such questions was Willis interviewing Sustane.

Willis always tries to bring out the fun part of the show and I think he can work that to his advantage and actually improve the quality of his interviews.

He needs to work on more open-ended questions and more questions that might influence the youth to achieve more in life.

The interview that was the best for me was that of Joey and sneaker collectors as they discussed the influence of social media on youth spending.

The interview was very different from what I thought it would be. I think Joey gave us the element of surprise: I thought it was going to be about the worst decisions influenced by social media.

She focused on the positive side — I mean you buying shoes which make you look more fashionable is very interesting.

This is what the young people think if you start criticizing their decisions. They won’t listen to you; they need to get information in order for them to make the best decision.

I also think the interview was very interactive as people talked about the pricing of their shoes and what they mean to them.

The show was very interesting and was captivating for me actually. However I think more can be done to improve the show.

I give it a 4 out of 5 rating.


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