Thoughts about stories in Nation and Standard websites on Dec 10

By David Mwenda

Today we take a different route into online review. We shift the dynamics from politics to lifestyle features because it’s the weekend and honestly I don’t want you reading about politics today.

So, let’s look at stories that will make a good read for you on the lifestyle section of our top online news papers.
The Standard
One of the top stories that was covered on The Standard was the final Obama Christmas decoration and Christmas celebration itself.

The tree will be decorated to mark certain things about the Obama administration.

For example decorations containing wreaths from lemon, limes, clove covered oranges and greens to emphasize the First Lady Michelle Obama’s commitment to encourage healthy eating among children which has been one of her major commitments to America.

She was making this statement on Tuesday during a briefing. I think it will be a nice Christmas for the Obamas, who are spending as much time in the White House before departing on 20th January.

Another story that caught my eye was titled ‘Laws of being a socialite’.

The story, I think, is a bit not so good to women out there because being a socialite is not a job. But, anyway, what do I know about the job market? Even corruption is an economic event in Kenya.

The most interesting ways of being a socialite which I borrowed from the article is posting nude photos. Another thing: start catfights on Instagram and Twitter (Please don’t do it on Twitter. KOT is tired of nonsense).

So, I guess we are done. If you want to be a socialite, please play by the playbook if you want success.

The Daily Nation
One of the top stories that caught my eye was titled ‘Runaway homophobia in defense of Binyavanga’ by Evan Mwangi.

I never talk about this but I believe you have the right to declare your sexual orientation and no one should stereotype you because you are gay.

It’s your life and no one cares and even if we as Africans claim its beyond our moral compass it is not about morality. I mean, most of you claim allegiance to a certain religion but what some of you do with those religious beliefs is very disheartening.

I do support Evan when he says the media has continuously demonized Binyavanga for him declared he is gay and HIV positive.

I think he deserves respect for being assertive and standing for the rights of others who want to follow in his footsteps and declare their status and sexual orientation.

Another story that caught my eye is that of Jackson Biko on his Man Talk segment.

Biko is the best writers of our time and I’m not saying this because I want to work with him in future but because it is a fact.

Anyway, today he was talking about Ben 10’s. I know you’re wondering if Ben 10 has become real well you are in wonderland. By a Ben 10 I mean it is a guy who is used as a toy by women and does nothing with his life other than woman chasing and being used as an object.

Biko is advising women that no one cares about these relationships cause these are not even real men because they are babied a lot and in the long run their lives just end up being useless.

I do agree with these thoughts. Young men need to do something more meaningful other than hunting for women and partying.

For God’s sake, you won’t be young forever so even as you date your sponsoree please think of the future.

I didn’t have much for you get on the Nation website or Standard website and read on these and so much more. Have a nice weekend and stay safe.


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