A look at stories on the Nation and Standard websites on Wednesday Dec 14

By David Mwenda

We take a look at how the online newspapers are doing today, focusing on the range of the news that have been covered and how they covered it.

The Daily Nation

The top story that is rocking the Daily Nation right now is that of Kalonzo being endorsed as the front runner for the Wiper Party presidential flag bearer.

Many people were present such as the Cord leader Raila Odinga ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi and other politicians from the opposition. This means one thing the opposition uniting is one bad dream to the President and Jubilee at large. They should start organising how they are going to put up a good fight in 2017 or pray for the opposition to disintegrate which I don’t see happening any time soon.

I think where the Daily Nation went wrong with this story is failing to highlight Kalonzo’s speech much better and also highlighting the policies of the opposition so far they are doing his job is that they are putting the government on its toes.

I’ll refer to a tweet I once read which said the opposition is setting the agenda for the government. Look at NYS and many other projects they have highlighted and how Jubilee is being kept at its toes.

But the media also needs to look at the policies the opposition is offering if it will come into power in 2017 — that is if it will come into power.

Another story that caught my eye is the Kidero saga that is brewing in his own backyard.

I have never believed these stories done by media. Sometimes they seem like fantasy or like I’m watching a political drama. Only that it’s true.

This saga is not coming at the right time for Kidero and as I mentioned last week, his foundation which is the Evans Kidero Foundation was being investigated and he had refused to hand in bank accounts.

Turns out you don’t joke with people who are investigating you. The NGO coordination board has given the Evans Kidero Foundation two weeks to hand in its audited accounts.

I felt like Nation is telling the Kidero to feel the pain as they pointed out that they have been threatened by a lawsuit.

However, it is a good thing because the chairman of the foundation finally agreed that it the firm had not filed tax returns. Who does that? Be a good citizen, come on.

Another story that caught my eye was that of #FRONT ROW.

Larry Madowo did a good job on this one. The best part was highlighting what happened last week on Parliament Road or, sorry am not giving you the juicy part. So, last week, activist Boniface Mwangi together with Larry and other friends made the MP for Mwingi West, Hon Bernard Kitungi, to use the right side of the road.

Larry finally commented on it and said that it was not for show but they were doing their civic duty. I do agree with them. Why not teach someone that you getting a few votes doesn’t make you feel like driving on any side of the road?

The Standard     

Ever since I started writing for Media Critic Kenya, I think most of you think I don’t like the Standard newspaper. I do. In fact today I think they are on point. Let’s look at their top stories.

First is obviously the super alliance attending Kalonzo’s wiper party endorsement to be president.

I think they brought out the bigger picture of the alliance more than Nation did on this one. They helped us to get insight in Kalonzo’s speech and I think it’s a good thing that they did but they didn’t focus alone on him but also on his counterparts and what they said yesterday.

Another story that caught my eye was that on the lifestyle sections on ‘8 things I wish I knew before’.

This story caught my eye for a few things.

One is not to care about other people’s opinion. Look for something good in anything, to believe in myself and not to be afraid to stand up or stand out. I think you should just read it to get it. It is so encouraging and I really do agree with the author.

Finally, the story that was the deal breaker for me is factors that will determine winner of the 2017 general election. The story by Dominic Opaka was interesting or me and the best story for the day. His analysis on the sudden month and days to come is eye caching and it’s the most amazing read for me.

His use of the incumbent advantage and curse is interesting  he is stating facts and that’s what Kenyans want to hear he also used other factors such as the appeal to the voters and what most Kenyans use to choose their leaders tribe and ethnic lines.

Well the two websites are interesting and are worth the read. Get onto any website and check out this and much more stories.

As for my verdict on which is better, well, you be the judge. Leave a comment and talk to us about it.



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