A review  of Citizen TV’s the Big Question of Tuesday Dec 13

By David Mwenda

The Big Question this week was not what you would call the best episode you have ever watched. But it was still good. Here is a review of what happened on the show.

The show was good on the news coverage and everything. However, the interview on election chaos interview did not bring it out for me. Here’s why.

The first thing is the report before was mainly centered on one part of the Jubilee elections. Thing is, ODM has done its elections and violence breaks out but they did not cover it.

Also, I think they are targeting one side of the story. Why not tell us how the violence is brought about to totality and not just that people are fighting because of the elections?

The interview itself was not so interesting. Just two people were involved: the NCIC Deputy Chair and an election law expert.

Why not involve the politicians and also get to sample more people this is where we bring about Twitter and other social media outlets?

Hussein Mohammed is good at shooting  questions. Why not, instead of just asking what the government is doing, ask Felix Odhiambo the election law expert if we are ready for ta violence-free 2017election?

How that can be achieved and by what means he also should have not focused much on Irene Njeri and what NCIC is doing. Sure we want to hear that but also we need to hear the expert side why not and make the interview more lively and interesting to watch.

I think Hussein should have done much more on this interview but, in general, the show was good because we still got to learn more on the election and may I take this chance to say that peace must be emphasized not only by the media but also by us as Kenyans. Know that you are your brother’s keeper.

I’ll give the show a 2 out of 5 rating.


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