A review of the Morning Kiss celeb interview of December 14, 2016

By David Mwenda

On Wednesday on the Morning Kiss, the invited guests were the CEO of Pacho Entertainment and singer Naiboi.

Here is what went down on the programme.

The show was obviously awesome. Adelle and Shaffie maintained the interview on the present and avoided the past — mostly the name change and stuff.

You have to admit that Adelle’s interviews are not formal or anything. Her friendly manner makes you attracted to the show and you have no choice but to listen to the show, want to or not.

He made sure Naiboi felt at peace talking about the Pulse Music Video Aawrds and his wins there.

Shaffie, well, was Shaffie for this interview. Always asking the funny questions but I guess that’s what makes him Shaffie. I still dread him calling him in the morning one day so don’t ever dare tell him to call me because I don’t know what I will do to you.

Anyway, back to the interview. It was about Naiboi’s launch of a new jam which is called Problem and it makes me wonder if problems had a fast beat what would be the problem with that.

It is a good song, I think.  The interview was also able to reveal that the rapping part of Naiboi still exists when they played his freestyle which I am in love with (don’t ask me why and don’t get me wrong. I just like the song).

He did not just prove his presence in the industry but I think he also turned out to be encouraging to the many people who want to join in the industry.

He claims that you need to go on keep on the fight and you can never say you’ve made it in life look at it like you must succeed.

I think if Adelle focuses on this and avoids very funny interviews and seeks to get something serious on people like she did, I think that would make the show even more interesting.

Other than that I think Breakfast with the Stars is the best show to have ever happened to us over time.


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