Review of NTV’s Wicked Edition of Tuesday Dec 13

By David Mwenda

I have never watched this show before. Never heard of it. But I must say it’s one of the best comedy shows after Churchill in Kenya right now.

Here’s what happened on the show.

The show was mostly focusing on the music industry in Kenya, more so much the Gospel Music industry.

When I’m having a conversation on the gospel music industry with my friends, it ends up being a discussion on appealing to the youth and the audience.

On one hand I agree that we need to appeal to the youth but on the other hand you need to ask yourself: are they really taking you seriously and getting the message and getting saved?

That’s the thing you miss if you get into salvation if your role model is Willy Paul (no offence to Willy Paul. I get he has nice music but he needs to style up a little). The Wicked Edition did well in raising that question. The best part was comparing the song with Diamond’s Zigo remix I couldn’t help laughing all the way.

The best part of the show was making the conversation have a serious outlook by inviting Ben Githae to the show but it seems he shares the same sentiments as I do.

His interview with Doctor Kingori was good. The ability of Dr King’ori to relate with the audience was good and him being able to feel free with the people at home really stood out for me and I think he did a good job on this one.

The only problem with this show is that it looks a knock off The Daily Show by Trevor Noah and other night time shows.

It needs to be given a creative touch and extended time and research into the show otherwise it will just end up being boring.

Otherwise, I think the show is good and anyone who has a problem with it should really have his head looked into by Mathare doctors.

The show rates well and judging by the way they are going this team will be on fire in the next few months and will be taking the nation by storm.




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