Analysis of Lifestyle show on KTN on Dec 16 morning

By DavidMwenda 
The Lifestyle show happens every weekday on KTN.

It’s an interesting show that focuses on a wide range of topics such as health, music and entertainment.

Today was no different from the rest and here’s what happened on the show.

One thing is for sure: the show has a very different touch that makes you want to watch it.

The studio looks like your everyday living room. That makes it relatable  with the audience and have their opinion on anything.

Another thing that caught my eye is the hosts. They are witty, especially Dr. Ofweneke. He ensures your morning doesn’t have to be dull, that all you need is just a good laugh.

The Christmas theme also stood out on this show and it reminds you that surely ’tis the season.

The show had artistes such as Victoria Kimani who was there to talk about her new album ‘Safari’ which is currently doing well.

You have to give it to Dr. Ofweneke. He didn’t stick to asking her questions on her album only. He delved on topics like how her Christmas will be like and other stuff which was not really educative but made my morning.

I think this was the best interview I’ve seen on the Christmas season and really did make some sense of the festive season.

Another interview that caught my eye was that of Gloria Muliro. She was definitely encouraging but Dr. Ofweneke could have asked more questions and delve into her career and such.

But, well, that would be the angle I would look at. Also I think he used what we normally hear from all the other talk show presenters.

He should also introduce a live audience to the show if he is going to be introducing artistes the way he introduced Gloria Muliro and work on the show much better and for the good of his hype. It’s no doubt he’s a good MC and by this, he will be able to relate well to his audience.


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