Critique of Victoria’s Lounge (NTV) of Dec 15

By David Mwenda
Victoria’s Lounge is what I would describe as Oprah on Kenyan soil.

Okay, not really.

But she has a nice talk show and it makes her very good at her job.

If she keeps it up for the next couple of years, then we are going to have an international star in our presence and you won’t take that away from her.

Anyway, here’s what went down on the show.

The show was discussing the millennials. To those who don’t understand, this is a group of people who are born in the late ’90s and are now crowding the job market and are now being considered very different from other age groups that are working in the corporate sector.

Well, so she was discussing the millenials and how they consider their working conditions and such other things.

The panel was lit.

I’m not saying this because Sam Gichuru was there; but it was good and I think they caught the whole idea of the millenials from different perspectives.

I think it also rhymed with the ceremony of celebrating the Top 40 Under 40 men — Kenyan men who are doing well in the society.

I think it was a good idea getting a live audience of people who are of the same age group which was being discussed by the panel.

The show was very educative. I learnt a lot of the job market and how we as millenials function and how I function normally.

Another important thing is technology and how it is affecting us. One thing is for sure: I’m going to try and talk to people more often and avoid too much chatting. Well, I will try.

Another thing that captured my interest about the show was the way the live audience was given a bigger role than the normal TV shows I see.

They were interactive and were given a chance to counter the panelists’ ideas and share their thoughts on the show.

It was also like a town hall format and very interactive and it was not just Victoria asking the questions.

The whole interview was a good idea and I think what lacked was the how to help the millenials and how the millenials can help other generations from understanding each other in general.

Other than that, I think it was a good show which should be given an accolade one day seriously.


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