The good and bad of Trevor Ombija’s interview with Mudavadi on Dec 15

By David Mwenda
On prime time news on Thursday, NTV’s Trevor Ombija interviewed ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi.

These are the highlights of the interview.

For me, the first question Trevor asked was misplaced — or I didn’t get it.

If I were Mudavadi, I would have said, “The Lord has delivered you into my hands.”

Trevor asked why it seemed Mudavadi was the only one who seemed to be talking the Nasa song. This was the bummer for me in this interview.

Nasa does not seem like Mudavadi only. I think he would have asked the question in another way, like if he sees if it will last.

One thing is for sure: this question was misplaced and inaccurate for all I care.

He also showed his skeptic opinion of the alliance boldly, which made him look biased on the interview.

He also was on point for a few things such as one he asked Mudavadi what the alliance was offering Kenyans one question I have pushing for and it has now seemed to be answered.

He also did not go easy on the alliance and asked them what they would do apart from the corruption question.

One thing with Mudavadi is that I was waiting for that answer also. And he did not disappoint with an answer on promising Kenyans a brighter future and many other things.

Other than that, the interview was well researched and brought out every aspect of Mudavadi’s candidature, his past and present alliances and his political career as a whole.

An example is  the speeches by Uhuru after the two fell out in 2013 and the poll results of the 2013 General Elections.

I wish, though, that the show could have been extended for a few minutes. The interview ought to have been extended and made more interactive.


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