A look at the top stories in Nation and Standard websites, Monday Dec 19

By David Mwenda 
Here is a review of the top stories making headlines today.
The Daily Nation
The Nation today has its top story about the doctors’ strike that enters the third week this week.

The doctors are being sued for breach of a court order. The case is to be heard at the Labour court. The Council of Governors is the one bringing this suit and are now using all the means they can to get the doctors to go back to work.

I think the government should find a permanent solution to this problem instead of going round in circles.

Another story which I am seeing developing into a fiasco surrounding fears of election rigging in 2017.

It started off as Jubilee being made to look like the devil but now Jubilee wants Cord to look like the devil and have used only one tactic. Aden Duale is literally never willing to see jubilee go to the ground and he has done this every time.

Now he is alleging that the opposition is also planning to steal votes. It looks like a cat and mouse game. The Nation however used both sides of the story and not only got the side of Duale but also that of James Orengo. Now ODM is planning a special sitting to make sure that Jubilee does not change any laws that were passed in the new election law and that is a good thing because — Let’s be honest — we not only want a fair ground but for Jubilee to accept this new laws as they are.

I think Nation’s portrayal of this as a cat-and-mouse game is a really good angle and they should keep it up that way.
The Standard
Must say I wasn’t impressed today, why lie? The first story is a bit shallow and one sided: “Cord reject planned review of Election law.”

The Standard used a one-sided view on this story. Let me tell you why.

First, they only got quotes from the opposition only which is not good it makes it look like it’s just a hit piece while it is supposed to help the people to decide which side is true and not side with one party.

Second, they focused on what Cord is doing and thus making it look like it’s a Cord pamphlet, which is really disappointing. They should have focused on both sides.

The second story that caught my eye is in the international section. Protests are rocking the state of California over Donald Trump’s win.

The state which voted almost to the man for Hillary Clinton and which is considered a largely Democrat state has really not been happy with Trump’s view and his policies.

Over 2,000 protesters came out for this protest and are really not happy as some of them held up posters saying ‘Stop Trump’ and ‘Make America Think Again’.

The sentiments are echoed by the Senator of California Kevin De Leon, who said he would not allow Trump to pass policy which interferes with the values of Californians values

I won’t tell you which was my favorite read so get on to any of the websites or subscribe today and get your daily to read on this and so much more articles .


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