A glance through top stories in the Nation and Standard websites on Dec 20

By David Mwenda

Let’s start with the Daily Nation.

The first story that caught my eye is: “Stage set for clash between CORD and Jubilee”.

Well, that is one thing that will be leaving us wishing we add popcorn because I feel like it will be like a movie.That’s the picture the Daily Nation has painted today.

Raila insists that there be no change in the election law and Aden Duale claims they need to make the law realistic.

Well, I don’t know why MPs make decisions on a law then they change it. Something is fishy. They are ready for anything. As Johnson Sakaja put it, they are ready for theatrics.

A sad story that caught my eye is in the international news section. The Russian envoy to Tukey has been shot down. Andrei Karlov a Russian, a career diplomat, was murdered by a Turkish policeman while he was at the Ankara Exhibition centre opening the meeting when he was shot down.

The man who killed him is a jihadist and he was heard saying “Allah Akbar” (God is great|).

This is a sad situation and Putin has already called it a provocation. I do not think this is the end of this. I think Putin will very quietly launch an offensive against the Turks.

Then to The Standard.

The Standard’s top story is: “Raila and Mudavadi warn against rigging next year’s polls”.

Raila and Mudavadi are not willing to see themselves lose the polls any time soon. They have instructed their MPs not to change any story on the Election law and they do not want the law changed at any cost.

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has added his voice on the story by claiming that they will pray for change and make sure they have unseat the Jubilee coalition.

On the other hand, the Jubilee government side in Western Kenya through Bungoma Governor has questioned the Nasa alliance and have asked what Mudavadi did during his tenure as the Deputy Prime Minister of the Nation.

They are saying that Jubilee is the real deal and they will vote to the man in the 2017 poll. Well it will be a real battle field in the Western region and it is hard to know who will sweep the region.

Another story that has caught my eye is that of the House team refusing the campaign Finance Act.

Here is where you just give a sigh and just laugh because this is a really crazy story. A national assembly committee is not so happy with the laws and has moved to call them null and void.

CORD leader Raila Odinga has already gone to court to challenge the deadline set for opening the campaign accounts and his case will be heard and decided later this week. I think the IEBC should just stop doing things and wait until a new team is in place. This will save them a lot of time.

Anyway, get these and more stories on the dailies or go their websites. Also feel free to leave a comment on the topics we discuss.



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