Why I agree with Njoki Chege’s Dec 17 piece on the Kiunas

By David Mwenda
On Saturday, Njoki Chege — one of Kenya’s most controversial writers — took to the paper and, well, she went ahead to tear into the Kiunas.

I have to support her on her thoughts. Here is why I take her side.

She spoke the truth. We all hate people who speak the truth that’s the truth and that’s what she just did say the truth.

For one, the Kiunas did not do the right thing to post a picture of he jet and then abandon their thoughts its outrageous and clearly you cannot claim it was a mix up I have two words for you: wacha mchezo .

Another thing: the church has thrived on one theme which is prosperity gospel which I do not agree with. It’s not every time we need to hear we are going to be prosperous and that’s why I have the problem with this church and their beliefs. It’s good to hear it but not forced into it by pledges and offering because of the riches we harvest from giving to the Lord.

The Kiunas are not to be trusted by anyone. This is another thing I believe — you get what you have earned and you always have reap what you sow.

Even the Bible reiterates my point by the way. Hallelujah!

Yes, the Kiunas have a beautiful story, a “from charcoal to a mansion” kind of story but yet this wealth is highly questionable.

Do they get money because of the right reasons or is it just broad daylight robbery as Njoki put it? I mean it is like a conman talking to you sweetly and you end up giving into his demands because, well, he’s the real crowd pleaser.

It is one thing to be a man of God and it is another to claim to be one. There is a thin line of difference and at JCC, it is questionable.

She was right to call JCC faithful idiots. Well, no offence, but there is no need to lie to you.

You are fool if you are putting in more energy and time in church. It is something you should really think about it if you are doing this. It is one thing to be dedicated to a church but yet again it is another to plunge into debt because of this.

Njoki was not wrong in calling you an idiot and I commend her for calling you that.

It is time we as Kenyans started showing respect to God by kicking out pastors who think we should not question their authority and they should be humbled by the Lord.

There is need for this article to be taken seriously; not by just you sitting down to read it but the next time you hear about prosperity in a church and then followed by you being asked to give out a sum of money, do not stop to think. Run as if hell has broken loose — because it has and it will be manifested in any way.

That is why I think Njoki was spot-on in writing this article.


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