Thoughts on NTV’s Wicked Edition of Dec 20

By David Mwenda

The one thing you have to give to Dr King’ori is that even though he hosts a knock-off of Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show,  he does it so well you even forget about the fact it’s a knock off.

But that’s not what I am here to tell you. Here is what I took home from the show.

Meaning of devolution

So, the correct meaning of devolution is that one we know — which is delegation of duties from the national government to  county government, or is it?

For Dr King’ori, it is a dad who is eating the meat while the children salivate.

Well, it’s true. Take for example some counties are underfunded while the national government has money to waste in corruption scandals.

Why is devolution confusing?

I’m sure most people have never understood how this animal called devolution actually works and how it is actually supposed to help them; not help our leaders loot.

For example, they have initiated projects which are really funny: transformers and cattle dips.

Dr King’ori in saying devolution is confusing because, as he put it, it’s like children impeaching their father after making a request of eating a meal of ugali and ice cream.

One thing is for sure: MCAs have sometimes been frustrated but they do have a lot of power and they can make a county go on its knees if not properly taken care of and their demands heard.

Also, governors need to take care of the interests of the people and stop doing funny things which we do not understand how it will help us the ordinary mwananchi.

I think devolution is one thing which we should really put on the table and examine really well because it is more of a devil than a solution to our problem.

If it is not Sh7M curtains, it’s overpriced wheelbarrows. One thing is for sure: one has to be able to make sure that these governors are brought to book and pay for what they have been doing. I’ll give you one way — don’t vote them out in 2017.

What we need is performing leaders, not some puppets who don’t know what they are doing in leadership. Devolution is confusing and not getting us anywhere because of poor leadership. We need to stop it by putting in good leaders.

The interview

I learnt so much from the interview with Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi.

Did you know a man can run for women rep seat? Well, I knew that before but well didn’t think someone would say it on national television.

The interview with Kimani Wamatangi was a delightful conversation. It was flowing easily and Dr King’ori made it possible for that to happen. It’s not everyday you see a senator talk so freely on national television.

The Senator really does make sense on a lot of terms and he made that sense relatable to the people which is what remains core when you are communicating with someone — how does your story relate with others’?

On this one, I think Dr King’ori did a good job with the interview. The show was basically a good one and if Dr King’ori keeps up with the good work, then we will be having the biggest show in Kenya as of today and the future.


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