What we learnt from the Big Question (Citizen TV) of Dec 20

By David Mwenda

The December 20 edition of the Big Question was right on track as Jeff Koinange puts it; it is on fire!

The show had legislators Kimani Ichungwa and Junet Mohammed to discuss what had happened in parliament earlier in the day.

It was about you getting the right information on one of what could be termed a blockbuster scene witnessed in Parliament.

Here is what I learnt from both sides of the divide

They are insecure

One thing is for sure: both sides are very insecure of the other and you can’t have a functioning Parliament if you can’t have even little trust on both sides.

On one side, you may have to side with Cord for standing up to the government side but it all boils to what the point is.

They are insecure that if the amendments are made then they lose the achievement of having the House pass the law they have worked hard for changes in the election law.

On the other hand, Jubilee is insecure because they fear that the BVR kits may fail and it will cause the election to be marred with a lot of irregularity, which is also a good concern.

However, this feels like those relationships which, after the first break-up, you get back together then you still don’t trust each other.

That’s how these two parties are behaving and, frankly, it is madness. They should sit down and discuss this matters and come to an amicable solution

When you corner a cat it will do anything

When you corner a cat to kill it , it can do anything to make sure it has escaped and this is what Cord did in order to free itself from discussing the law because — let’s face it — the changes were not in their favour, neither were the numbers.

In order to win, they had to do just anything to emerge victorious. The mere attempt to grab at the Mace was a clear indicator at their desperate attempt to make sure the law was not passed.

The same sentiments were shared by Junet Mohammed on the show. He did agree that they were cornered and that was what they they just had to fight back.

Rich kid syndrome

You know how when you take a rich kid someplace and he takes lunch from someone and when they are confronted they are like, ‘What are you going to do about it?’

Because they have the resources, they leave you penniless because you can’t do anything about it.

I felt that was Jubilee was going to do. They were the rich kids and they were ready to bully the opposition into getting anything for them to pass the bill but instead they got the shock of their lives at the lengths Cord and the opposition at large ready to do anything to make sure the law was not passed and they did just that and it was perfectly executed.


This was paramount today and Hussein brought it out in a very light touch. Each team is willing to make sure their front runner for the forthcoming General Election and their beliefs.

Well, each team wanted to show it is was mighty in its own way and the interview was a way of each selling its own agenda  and trying to save its image and Hussein made sure no team would get that for making sure they were answering the hard questions.

The interview was the best and even though last week I was complaining of Hussein, he is back and he is back with a bang.

He made sure that both sides were exposed in their actions and that their beliefs came out. On this one I give him a thumbs up.



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