A glance at the Nation and Standard websites on Dec 22

By David Mwenda

Today, the newspaper review comes as the nation is facing an election Bill standoff which has taken a turbulent turn. Let’s look at the top stories that are making headway on the dailies’ websites.

The Nation

We start with Nation today and we start off with an interesting story: “Uhuru would win the election if elections were done today”.

According to a poll done by Ipsos Synnovate, President Uhuru Kenyatta would have won the election fair and square were the elections to be done yesterday.

The poll predicted Uhuru would garner 50 percent of the vote while Raila would come in a distant second with 22 percent of the vote.

It also predicted Jubilee sweeping Coast and Western in the poll. The poll should be an eye-opener for the opposition and know that they should now name a candidate for the president and avoid what looks like a confused alliance. However, I think Nation could have focused on other topics covered by the poll instead of the presidential elections.

Another story that caught my eye is that of the late Tupac and Pearl Jam who have been put in the Rock Hall of Fame. I think this year has been a year of legends — look at Bob Dylan who won the Nobel Literature prize and now Tupac.

I love Tupac’s music. He is a world icon who advocated for better treatment of black people and was a popular hard core rapper. Forget these newbies who rap about nothing. Anyway, Tupac will be celebrated and will continue being celebrated in this and the world to come.

The Standard

Its top story is the most controversial I have ever seen: “President Uhuru and Raila lock horns over election laws”.

It ended up being those hyped up shows which when you watched you are disappointed in watching because they were boring. a

Anyway, that is not the story. It’s about the before Uhuru went on record yesterday to say that a few people cannot decide how the elections will go on and Raila is also going on the record to say that they will not allow Jubilee to change those laws without negotiations.

This comes amid reports by the Communications Authority has issued a report claiming some places have no mobile network. I think this is just another ploy to let the electronic voting not to be done in Kenya — but what do I know? I think the story was well covered. I have always bashed Standard for one-sided journalism but I think today it is a good thing.

Another story that caught my eye is that of the Ipsos Synnovate poll and, well, they didn’t focus on the presidential poll and focused on the health crisis which I think is cool.

According to the poll, 51 percent of Kenyans believe doctors deserve the pay hike they are asking for. Of these, 56 percent are from the Cord coalition while 45 percent are off the Jubilee coalition.

Twenty-seven percent want doctors to be paid according to what the government can afford. Their choice of focusing on this brings out reliability of the paper and I think it is good for them.



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