What I took home from Hussein’s interview with Ruto on Dec 21

By David Mwenda

It’s the end of 2016, everybody.

I knew you knew that. Well, I mean most of you are already on leave and on holiday already but, anyway, yesterday night the premiere of Events 2016 on Citizen TV happened.

It was one of the best interviews I have ever watched and it was hosted by the one and only Hussein Mohammed.

The show was on point. I can’t use any other word to explain it.

The first guest of the series was Deputy President William Ruto and though it was his birthday, the guy was pummeled by Hussein here are the things that highlighted the show.

Jubilee is agitated

It is the truth from the way the Deputy President was speaking. It seems like Jubilee is agitated and has butterflies that they don’t know what to do right now. Take for example the convening of two sittings to pass the electoral laws. Why are they getting two sittings for them to pass the electoral laws? This is raising a lot of suspicion. It also proves that they are willing for them to do anything to have its way, which may see Kenya going back to dictatorship if we are not careful.

Cord is setting the agenda

You know it, I know it. Cord is setting the agenda even though Jubilee is in power. It has been proven that when Cord says something on a policy matter it becomes an agenda. Take for example election laws. They would not have been passed if the opposition had not raised questions. The government would have not changed it at all. I think they are waiting for the opposition to make the health strike a matter so that they can also take part and solve this matter.

Ruto is diversive on topics

One thing is for sure: Ruto was not prepped for this interview. Or if he was, it was only on the achievements of Jubilee. He had nothing to offer how the government would help the health situation in Kenya. Instead, he was blaming the opposition for propaganda. I think when he saw he could not answer a question on a policy he ended up focusing on the achievements of Jubilee. It felt like he was campaigning instead of answering questions.

The Majority will have their way while the minority just has a say

Hussein was right to question Ruto on the election law — and he made sure he had cornered Ruto to agree that this is what Jubilee was pushing on the election law — you had to love the way Hussein was spinning the stories.

It has now been an eye-opener that Jubilee was willing to do anything in order to make sure the laws were passed. Reason being, I don’t know. But let’s hope this stalemate will be settled.

The interview was bold and precise to the point and I think Hussein asked the right questions and made us realise Jubilee is ready to do anything and is not prepared to address people’s problems and policies.


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