Analysis of Citizen TV’s 10/10 show of Dec 23

By David Mwenda 

The show was hosted by the beautiful Joey Muthengi. Her co-host, the “wild” Willis Raburu, was on holiday.

The 10/10 show, amust-watch  for many people in the country, was on point and I think they are going a long way if you ask me.

The show  was however very different as it held a special Christmas edition with artises such as Jaguar, Michelle Bisonga and Lady Jay Dee.

The show was also hyped up by the phenomenal dance crew Movaz Dancerz Kenya and on the ones and twos was the amazing DJ Chally.

Here is what stood out for me during the show.

Jaguar’s entrance into the show and how he kept the people rocking with his performance was a show stopper. He did a good job and I think he managed to keep his humble attitude, which is a good thing and which makes him be able to be easily associated with people and his fans continue to love him and his music.

Jaguar’s interview with Joey was also very good. Joey managed to ask the right questions like how he has managed to help Nacada stop the spread of drug abuse in the country. I think she also brought out the friendship with the president and if he will be involved in politics come next year.

Another interview that caught my eye is that of the Kenyan music industry and how it is slowly being overtaken the Tanzanian music industry.

The panellists were Eric Musyoka, June Gachui and Alex Mwakideu.

They did a good job pointing out the Kenyan music scene can be improved.

Joey made sure she had done the right research on the show and, well, she made sure she executed her assignment by doing the proper execution of the interview.

I think we just need to be serious and take up music and stop taking it as a hobby and not investing into it. So, if you are a journalist, you just need to put into practice that. You shouldn’t ask what they do on the side. They need to learn how to live with music as their first solution and nothing else.

That’s the only way to solve this situation. Lady Jay Dee, during a separate interview on the show said it all about perception of the music scene in Kenya. If we are not willing to support it, then we cannot get support from other counties.

The show needs to utilize its live audience much more. Don’t get me wrong; the show has a well hyped up but they also need to keep them well represented by them, asking questions and them giving their opinions on the show and the topics being discussed.

Also, they need to take an informal setting of the show and give the interviews a light touch in order to make sure the audience is locked to the show and that it does well in the long run.


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