Analysis of Friday Briefing on KTN on Dec 23

By David Mwenda 

The show was hosted by Sophia Wanuna because Betty is on holiday I think she held the fort pretty well and made the show very interesting to watch.

She had two guests who screamed what she wanted us to know that “it was clearly the season”.

She made the show very easy to watch through her relability and her way of presenting the news in a very powerful manner.

Wanuna also took care of the guests in a very tender and soft touch.

The first thing that stood out on the show is the way she was able to make sure she had both teams well represented.

For example during the Girls chorale sneak interview she made sure we knew a lot about the show and not just the nitty-gritty.

She made us understand their passion and what makes these young girls tick.

She also made sure she had given ample time to Kaz who was the main guest anchor of the show and made sure she had her represented by letting her talk about what she has been doing during this Christmas holiday.

I think Kaz is doing a wonderful job making sure that children who are disadvantaged get to have a good meal on Christmas Day and supporting them in one way or another.

That really stood out for me on this interview and I think she should be given a show of her own on Friday or on the weekend.

Wanuna is a good conversationalist and I could feel the good conversation she was having with Kaz and I could only envy the two and the way they talked like besties who had known each other for a long time — which I also thought was a nice thing. They really were able to make sure the show was going to pass on some meaning to us and them ultimately.

However, I think the interviews were rather short and did not extensively cover a wide range of topics, which is disappointing because she could have asked Kaz about her career ambitions and many other things.

I mean, there is much more to it than Christmas. Though it’s holiday time, we will all eventually get back to work and we will have to do our jobs whether we like it or not.

Also, if the time could be extended or a different show set up for this, it will be a good thing and it will bring a lot of positivity onto the show.


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