Discussing the trending talkers with Madowo on NTV on Dec 23

By David Mwenda 

The final part of the year is here with us and what better way to crown the year than by watching The Trend?

The show has been on our screens for the last few years and it has managed to make sure we have the right conversations and we have to have our take on it.

It’s like having a big room of people talking at once but they are all understanding one another and that is the most important thing about this show.

Here is what they discussed and what I liked about the show last night.

The first thing I liked about the show  was the way it had kind of a living room experience, the way the four of the trending talkers were seated and how they shared their views.

It was like one big happy family, all being brought together by one father who is Larry Madowo himself.

I think Larry hasn’t built a fan base, he has built more of a family base which is willing to support him through the good and bad and I think that’s why he stands out from other hosts.

His ability to bring out meaningful conversations in a funny manner is something that leaves you wanting to catch your breath because anything might happen on the show. But that anything is brought out in a meaningful manner and that stood out when they discussed gospel music and the music industry at large.

I think it is time we started looking at things in a more liberalized manner instead of just being there criticizing things because they need to be criticized.

Getting the different aspects is also one thing I see as a major secret for keeping the show’s ratings high as ever.

You get the perspective of a radio personality, a comedian and other people in the media industry who have different takes on what has been happening online and I think it is a guidebook to what has been happening in the social media scene if you do not have the time to catch up.

The informality of the show is also very paramount. On the show, you can feel the way its not the normal formal interview and I think that’s what sets the show apart from others which are trying to imitate.

However, this informality still has problems. At some point you would feel as if the ladies were having a different conversation while the gentlemen were doing the same. I also think that they can work on the camera angles and make sure they avoid covering the back of any of the panelists.

The show is of high quality and you would definitely want to watch it again and again and, well, it will ultimately be your Friday plan even before you hit some other place.


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