My problem with KTN’s Maisha Mzuka show of Dec 23

By David Mwenda 

I often say that some shows are just knock-offs of American shows.

Well, here is the thing: some shows are just knock-offsof Kenyan shows and also while we have good knock-offs, some are just those shows you just see and you think of one thing–the TV show just wanted to compete for that airtime.

You are asking where I am going with this but, well, I am already there with what I want to talk about.

Its Maisha Mzuqa, everybody.

Here is thing: I always admire Jamal Gadaffi and his personality. He has great mastery of Kiswahili, way better than mine, but he has an uphill task trying to unseat Mzazi Willy M Tuva.

Although the show supports local music, it borrows the Mseto East Africa concept of promoting new music in Kenya and East Africa only.

Also, the show is bent on making it look like an imitation more than making it a brand on its own.

However it has its own good part — Jamal makes a good of the show and his knowledge of the music industry is good.

He makes valid the “less talk more music” kind of hosting, which is a really good thing because it is a youth show, it makes it worthwhile to watch because it sets him apart from other show hosts.  He chooses to focus on the music than the conversation “that will shape you”

He hosted Papa Dennis on Friday and even though he uses very little time, he still made out most of the time and he did a good job asking if the gospel music scene is really meeting the people’s expectations and if they are right to call themselves that.

He is also a good spinner. He made sure that Papa Dennis had given him the right answers by making him not stray away from the topics he wanted to discuss and that worked out perfectly for him.

He also added the Christmas cheer to the interview by asking for advice from Papa Dennis. However I think he needs to take time off and ask more questions like his plans to make the youth listen to sensible gospel music and so many questions.

I think he left so many sources untapped, such as how to deal with beef in the gospel industry and so much more. He has the platform to actually influence the youth but he doesn’t want to use this platform sure he has influenced the youth and actually shape them into good human beings.

I think Kenyan TV has a lot to be done and it starts with you what are you doing about it give your opinion on how things should be done and what else we can be done to improve it.


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