Analysis of Lion’s Den on NTV on Dec 26

By David Mwenda 
Last week, I gave you tips on how to make sure you get the lion’s share of your business.

Today we look at the success stories of the people who got to win something on the December 26 show.

The first exciting person who won an investment boost was Ben Kinuthia who runs a water business. He has trucks that transport clean water to different residents in the city.

He explained his business in an articulate manner, which impressed the Lions and made them interested.

Second, I think he had made a lot of money and that’s why he was already getting a lot of money from the investors.

I mean, who is not excited by the fact that you earn ten thousand shillings in a day?

He finally got an investment of Sh7.5 million for 75% equity on the business.

It was a good deal and I think this is going to be a big idea in the country if it is given time.

The second contestant who got to wow the judges and me of course was Kuria Karanja and Andrew Gachara who came in with a company called Pesa Kings which lets you to actually earn money based on their knowledge of sports and how their favorite players do in the international scene.

The idea is good and they were able to answer the tough questions such as how they are different from brands like SportPesa and the rest and they aced it.

That is why they had the Lions flocking by them, each wanting a piece of the good business they were about to earn in the next few years with this product being rolled out. I think that is why they got 2.7 million for 40% equity of the business.

The deal breaker for me was the WanFam fashion line and I think it was the show stopper. The fashion line was producing jackets which are of good quality and were very interesting to see.

It was amazing the jackets are not your ordinary knock-offs but they are very original and had a youthful taste and, obviously, it was screaming one word only; and that word was investment.

That is what the owner Jeffrey Wanjala got from the show and in turn he got offers he could not turn down. He ended up teaming with Chris Senanu and Wandia Gichuru for the show and this got him the Sh2 million and get 35% equity.

The show has a great perspective and is very promising even if it looks like the Kenyan version of Shark Tank but I think it will give the small businesses a chance to get good money for their businesses.

However, it needs to improve the timing for presentation and cut down on the number of people coming onto the show.

This will be able to give possible next time investors to prepare themselves for the show.


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