Analysis of some stories on the Business Daily website on Dec 27

By David Mwenda 
Today we take break from the normal newspaper review to look at the top stories in the business world. We couldn’t find a better newspaper than the Business Daily.

Here are the stories that are making headlines.

“Kenya eyes European market for its crude oil exports.”

Finally, we have something we can sell to the rest of the world that is not agricultural.

Kenya is set to export oil starting June next year. Making the announcement was Petroleum Principal secretary Andrew Kamau.

He claims they have already made shipment of samples to Europe and some have accepted the oil sample due to low amount of sulphur which makes it easily refined.

By next year, the country is set to export 2000-4000 barrels of oil per day by road and train.

Another story is on Uber expanding its base of its product. Uber did it big this year and well they have revolutionized the nation’s taxi industry and have got the other taxi companies rethinking their strategies like for real.

According to Uber spokesperson Janet Kemboi, they have got better and they want to expand their base to the rest of the country and they have increased the number of their drivers  tenfold.

At first I didn’t like the Uber thing but now I like it because well they have reduced their prices (do when get me wrong, I’m not cheap) but they made it affordable to us and that is the thing.

They reduced their prices to Sh35 per kilometre and Sh3 per minute, which is a huge price cut and this made their clientele to increase.

This story is good news to people who want to use Uber but do not live in Nairobi or Mombasa.

It also informative and relatable to people who want to use the service and though I think it was a bit advertising Uber but still they deserve the publicity.

Finally, the story that made my day was that of songs that can be used to describe Kenya’s economic situation and, well, it was hilarious.

Who said business news is boring? It is not; trust me. Read this story and you will be happy and still conscious of what is happening in the country at a glance.

The songs that caught my eye were that of Tina Turner for simply the best quality the example Safaricom.

Let’s face it: we are always complaining about Safaricom’s poor service and customer care but still in the long run they always post high profits and we are left in awe and it is practically the best company in Kenya and we are still complaining but they still get our money another song is Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’ for the many corruption sagas we have heard the entire the entire year and well it is one thing to be happy to laugh about this but one thing is for sure Kenya could have built a few schools with the money which is somehow going to people’s money.

I think the government should really do something urgently in order to fix this situation.

I think the Business Daily and has what it takes to be the next Forbes of Africa and beat Forbes at its job. They have what it takes to make it the best.


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