Review of NTV’s Hapa Kule News of Dec 26

By David Mwenda 
If you haven’t watched this show I don’t know where you are from.

It’s Hapa Kule News and it was lit yesterday night. If you didn’t catch it, well, you missed a nice Boxing Day edition of Christmas the Kenyan way.

Here are the highlights of the show.

When you go to shags for Christmas
So when you go to shags for Christmas every month you have to be excited to finally move from the hustle and bustle of the city and you are happy because, well, you will see long-lost relatives who you don’t even remember they existed before that.

That incident was well played in the show: you are always given the hero’s welcome when you get to the rural home but in the process you remember the sad life you live in the city the landlords and the demeaning boss and how they are always on your back trying to get you to deliver and then you see that these guys hold you in high regard and you are shocked.

I think this story was relatable and very good because at one point you can relate to such a thing happening in your life (or not. It depends).

Another moment that was the deal breaker for me was when they were narrating the nativity story according to the way Kenyans this year would tell you the story.

So he would not be born in a hospital still because well doctors are on strike and he would be born in a garage and not a manger because, well, how many mangers have you seen in 2016 in Nairobi?

I think he should have taken selfies, though. Which Nairobi chick doesn’t love a selfie? That’s my thought. Anyway, it was relatable and funny and that’s what set it apart from all other Christmas edition shows I have ever watched. The rest are so cliché and predictable. I mean it’s always a party.

Anyway, the show has a lot of interesting things on it and you have to love the way it is always has a sense of creativity in it. The show is changing the nation’s  television scene but also they need to work on being a nationwide phenomenon.

There is no need of focusing on the nation’s capital alone. They can diversify their ideas to be able to suit the rest of the country’s needs. Another problem I have with them is the shooting of the videos. I have always emphasized on proper location and shooting of the show. They should get a place and that works well. The pictures are in HD but the locations need a little bit of adjustment. They can get investors on board and put more time in the content and shooting that will help them go a long way in making sure the show does well in the future.

I forgot to mention this. Media Critic Kenya wishes you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017.


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