Citizen TV may not be charging 1K for job applications after all

By Peter Ondabu

I have been jolted into action by the many complaints on the social media about Royal Media Services asking for Sh1,000 from those applying to be hired as sales representatives for its many radio stations.

To ensure I was not just another rumour peddler, I decided to try the system to the very end. I keyed in the details as they have been advertising fervently on Citizen TV.

The welcome message benignly tells you: “You will pay Ksh. 1000 only.”


However, the platform allows the user to key in all details, including uploading a curriculum vitae. On the last screen, it gives you the procedure of making payments to account number ANX13925.

“A message has been sent to your email containing your order No and announcement status for future reference,” the last sentence says.


I input my address in wait for the message but it didn’t come — which means the application was delivered to them without me paying.

And thus I have made a number of observations.

My thinking is that Citizen TV used a system they have built to collect adverts online for recruitment.

My assumption is that the advert gathering system has been instructed to announce the ad price to those who log in. If you look at the place where the user is told to select the option of searching for a job, you realise that most of the business intended to take place there is booking space for advertisements to be aired on various Royal Media Services platforms.

I surmise that someone at the Citizen back-end might have thought, “Ah, let’s put the figure at a thousand so that the system can see it as an ad that is coming.”

The administrator might not have known that, with the adverts about the job running on Citizen TV after every two seconds (pun intended) many Kenyans were bound to try it out.

Now the spin on the social media is that Royal Media Services is out to make profit from poor job hunters. There are even calculations on how many millions the media house will bag when the eight-month contracts end.

Citizen TV needs to set the record straight, and fast.


One thought on “Citizen TV may not be charging 1K for job applications after all

  1. I guess there are Kenyans who have paid that amount ,they would hve created a portal for careers just like other organizations,from the ad running on TV they should hve said there is no application fee,


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