Review of The Star’s website on Dec 28

By David Mwenda 
Today it’s The Star we are going to look at.

The top story on their website is the Bill lowering the age of consensual sex to 16.

Now Fida has come out in support of the changes. Speaking to The Star, Fida’s chair Josephine Mong’are said some parts of the law are unfair to the boy child and that it only affected the boy child and thus would change the lives of those who are caught by the wrong side of this law. She also said it ruins their lives.

In the long run, she is right because it is consensual but the boy is the one who is held responsible by the law and the girl goes scot-free because the parents think it is rape and that is what you are arrrsted for.

The law has brought a lot of debate from different fronts but I don’t get it. In Angola, the age for consensual age for sex is 12 years while in Burkina Faso it is 13 years.

“Election laws anxiety as Senate decides.”

This is another story that caught my eye from The Star is that of the Senate which has reconvened today in order to debate the election law which was passed last week and has made Cord to threaten to go back to the streets.

The final story for the day that caught my eye is that of Raila and why he is getting it wrong in the Rift Valley.

The man to me has only one chance left to take a shot at the presidency and he will have to use every arrow to shoot down the Uhuru presidency. So, here is the thing: he needs the Rift Valley. It is a very key region but he has it all wrong.

First, he has no strong point man in the region. He has choices of Isaac Ruto and Gideon Moi.

However one thing is for sure: Ruto still has a grip on the Rift Valley which he has been able to maintain from the position from 2005 when he delivered the Rift valley vote to vote NO for the Wako Draft and giving Raila the same votes in 2007 and that has cemented his grip on Rift Valley since then.

That is why he is playing his cards to the chest and is doing everything to make sure he has the position still and though his position is being challenged by the likes of Gideon Moi. However back to Raila the story was right he has not addressed the real issues being faced in the Rift Valley and he has not tried to reach out to some of his allies and try to get them to vote for him.

I think The Star has what it takes to be the number one newspaper in the country. They just need to popularise their brand because their writing is good and they have been able to deliver the right information.


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