A review of top stories on the Business Daily website on Jan 3

By David Mwenda

The big story on the site is about Safaricom.

I have this personal love-hate relationship with them — sometimes I am proud of them; some other time I feel like taking out one of them.

However, that is not why I am discussing that. They have received a cool Sh7.5 billion.

Remember the time the president wanted to install CCTV cameras in Nairobi and Interior ministry gave Safaricom the tender?

Well, Safaricom have already received a half of the amount they needed on November 24 and they have already started the projects — installing CCTV cameras in Nairobi and Mombasa.

The programme, which is set on making security vigilance easy is also set to connect 195 police stations to high-speed 4G internet.

The move will likely see improved security in the nation and also police officers getting GSM internet services. I want to see how this technology will roll out in the nation and how people will accept this.

Another story that caught my eye is on retirement. This has had me praying that I become a senior state officer when I grow up because the perks these people have are just too much and they have me wondering: what do thiese guys do in retirement?

Anyway former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga’s retirement package has been brought into the light and, trust me; it will leave you wishing you were the Chief Justice of the country.

In his package he will receive 80% his last salary and a lump sum five times his last pay which is Sh6 million or thereabouts and will also receive medical insurance, security and a diplomatic passport.

He will also be entitled to one personal assistant, one secretary, one housekeeper, one cleaner and gardener at state expense.

They did not leave it at that. They also highlighted the former presidents’ pay package and retirement package. The law was signed into effect by the then President Mwai Kibaki two weeks before retirement.

Finally, the story that made my morning. You know at Media Critic Kenya we have brought to you stories of Trump transition and here is another story: “White House to test Donald Trump’s leadership chops”.

The Trump presidency is proving to be one of the hardest to crack and to find out how it will work. The presidency is a very complex thing and it will be a pleasure to see how Trump will function.

I think it is important and Business Daily has put together how Dwight Einshower, the last non-political president, and how his White House functioned. He liked to have a battle of ideas.

Trump is going about posting tweets and catching senior advisers off-guard and it might not be good for him because, during the transition, we have seen him making random decisions, which is not highly advisable for the leader of the free world.

His decision to involve non-political people to help him govern is not so good and he needs to do so. I think we will have to see how this presidency will turn out.



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