The radio, TV and newspaper items that made our 2016

By David Mwenda

Good morning 2017! Good bye 2016 but still here are the things that made our 2016 good, both on TV, radio and what we read on the tabloids.

  1. Churchill Show

So we all have to agree this was the best show that has happened to us and we are still riling with laughter this year. The show has literally grown from a normal comedy show to an extraordinary comedy show with more than six seasons now we have to thank one man Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki who came up with this idea and worked hard to make sure it has become one of the largest shows in Kenya.

  1. Maina and King’ang’i in the morning

Walk into any matatu in the morning and you will only hear one thing and one thing only: Classic 105’s Maina and King’ang’i show in the morning.

You will not regret your decision to listen to them in the morning. The charm and the wit and the way they tackle a wide array of topics in the nation and in-callers make you feel like this is the kind of shows you want to listen to. And you will look forward to that drive in the morning.

  1. #the Trend

This is what I look forward to every day at the end of every Friday. Well, I’m lying. I have better things that have to be done but this is always a showstopper. Larry, for the last few years, has been able to grow this show from the random one-hour talk show in 2012 to a show that runs on 8 pm and 10 pm.

I remember the show when I was starting. Not many were able to understand this always-happy television show host but right now the old and young get him and they always want to listen to him and his conversations and his style of bringing out topics and addressing issues very unique and he has stayed true to bringing positive change to people.

  1. 10 over 10

The show started this year but has more hype than any other show we have in Kenya. 10 over 10 has literally taken the scene and even though I think the concept of the show is unique, I still think the show is rowdy. But anyway, who am I to judge? You love it.

When this show was starting out, I blew it off and was like, ‘Give it a few months and Citizen will be closing it.’ But, well, turns out for the first time I was wrong. Let me say ‘well done’ to the team which put this show together.

  1. Njoki Chege

I had to do this. Y’all hate her but I always appreciate her output into things and how she makes sure you have constantly read her column. I have always defended her on whatever she says with a quote I got from a TV show: “It’s not personal; it’s business”.

It is true Njoki is often faulted and praised by people but she is minding her business literally and we are always  bashing her for doing her job perfectly. Njoki is always right on one or two things she says in her column and we rarely refuse to see it because we are busy scrutinizing her comments and making her seem like a really bad person while in real sense she is good at her job and we can’t deal with it.

  1. Friday Briefing

Given a chance to write a bumper sticker for this show it would be basically be “get your favorite celeb to read news and screw it”.

I think the whole idea for the show is very good. It shows us that some of our celebs would really not have made it on TV and some would be better than Betty Kyalo (ignore my bumper sticker statement here).

She has been the best TV news show host and she has literally revolutionized the way we watch news in the country and she has made sure that even if you hate news, you will still watch it because, well, it is awesome to watch it.

Well, we could go on and on about what we watched on TV and what we didn’t watch but we will still be waiting to see how these shows will fare in 2017 and what else will come up and if they will be competition to the already established shows and tabloids.


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