Why Alex and Jalas’ show on Radio Maisha always ticks

By David Mwenda

They are practically the biggest trending topic every morning and I have always asked myself what these guys do to shake up Kenyans’ mornings.

I have now realised why Kenyans love the show. Here are the few things I have observed about the show:

The element of prayer

They always start with a word of prayer. The show is quite interesting with a word of prayer. Kenyans always have a sense of religion and they always want to be associated with such people. So, one reason why the show is trending is the power of God.

The hype

At 6 am I felt their hype. They have a way of getting you up on your chair and dancing. Jalas is a showman and he has applied it on the show. Because they have been able to make it apply to all people, that’s why even if you are headed to work, you can go out feeling energetic and you will not regret waking up in the morning to go to work.


They are very interactive trust. They are very quick to read your Facebook and Twitter and pick your calls. They are very fast to make sure you have your say: you can say your prayers and you can put in your perspective into things you want them to do for you.

They are absolutely funny

They are one very funny duo. Jalas has not lost his funny touch of a comedian and he has thoroughly applied it in different matters and that has made it work for them. Take for instance the meat story where people ordered meat from a place but they shortchanged and then they ordered a much higher quantity and they did in the long run they ended up telling him to also shortchange the order again. They also handle issues in a funny manner, take for example the phone call where someone had sold their phone and they called like policemen and they got to get the guy to pay up.


These guys are absolutely too funny but in the long run it is still informative. Recently, they were tackling issues of education and they have made it very informative.

Like the statistics Alex uses open-ended questions and made it simple to have a free flowing conversation on the show and they have been able to make us understand the importance of the education sector and how they can help save the education sector.

The show is absolutely amazing and they have carved a niche and have been able to cement their position in radio in Kenya and, well, they have been able to make it as interesting as possible.


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