A glance at news coverage by international media on Jan 16

By David Mwenda
In our brand new site we will be looking at the world online news sites and their top stories and their angles.

We will also be looking at major world stories and how they affect Africa and the world in general.

Today we look at two world renowned sites CNN and the BBC. We kick off with CNN and its main top story which is on China and its headline a tale of two cities.

The story has gone out to outline how environmental pollution has affected the way the people live with people having to acquire air purifiers in their homes to avoid having health problems. They have also gone out to outline the way people are suffering in Beijing.

The way the CNN has approached this story should come as a trnd setter for Kenyan newspapers. They have gone out to families and sought their opinion, they also went out and did thorough research onto how the matter is being handled by the Chinese government.

They have gone out of their way to make sure that you have all the right facts and you don’t have to waste time reading irrelevant things.

We move on to another story now and focus on Trump and the inauguration that is set to take place this Friday. Democrat representatives have come out guns blazing and have refused to attend the inauguration ceremony of Mr. Trump.

Some claim that by attending they will be putting their own opinions to a halt and some citing that they are supporting the Representative for Georgia John Lewis who was insulted by Trump for saying he will not be attending the inauguration ceremony.

CNN has gone out to publish the names of members of congress who will not be attending the ceremony and why they are not attending the ceremony.

They also went out to make sure that they have not just put out the names but why they are not attending the ceremony.

On to the BBC now and we look at their top story which is basically many stories based on the Trump presidency. The story that has definitely made my day was how Trump’s presidency might change the world.

The BBC has gone out to make sure that they have given an in depth analysis on Trump’s foreign policy and how they are bound to affect the nation. They have also gone out to make sure that they have outlined his problems.

For example the North Korea situation where they are bound to make sure they have launched a missile and Trump has a huge problem to stop. Also he has made so many huge plans or repealing many Obama policies.

He has threatened to change Obama’s Clean Power Plan and his climate change laws. Trump Presidency will be a hard nut to crack and if anything is to go by it is going to be a shocking four years for Americans and the world over
Over now to something lighter, Facebook, it has recently come under fire for letting people run fake stories.

This was seen as a huge influence in the US 2016 election. It recently announced they will be taking tough measures on fake stories. The pilot programme which kicked off in the US and is now set to also to start in Germany as they gear up towards their elections this year.

The programme, which is set to start a fake story segment on its report post will see fact checkers see if your story is true or not and make sure that the stories are original and that nothing is wrong.

This will be a great help to government and the people running for office. It is also a bold move by the BBC in their quest to promote who good and proper journalism.

This are the top stories making headlines in world today get on to CNN and BBC sites and get on to read what is happening in the world today.


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