A review of the Nation and Standard websites on Jan 16

By David Mwenda

Welcome to Monday press review. We look at your newspapers and give you an analysis of what is going on in the country.

We also look at how the media covered the news whether they were credible enough.

We start with the Daily Nation and its top story being on the recently done KCSE examination.

It turns out the results that were released by education CS Fred Matiang’i had a major switch in the performance curve of boys and girls.

According to research done by the Nation the results were not a clear indication in the performance of boys and girls.

The Nation also went ahead and researched on the results marking and grading not going through the right channels. The media has given very little time on this because the information given by Sossion has not been corroborated by any other source.

However this new shocking revelation should be see a change in the way this story is being spinned.

On to another story now, it’s on the IEBC voter registration. The IEBC is set to launch a voter registration exercise and its set to acquire six million new voters.

Nation has focused on the opposition move to go out and a launched a bid to make sure it has mobilized people to make sure they have registered as voters.

They have also gone out to outline where Raila will be going to visit to make sure that he has mobilized people more so the youth to register as voters.

I think the media is giving the opposition a lot of lee way. Why not ask tem the agenda for the nation? Why not ask about why they have no presidential candidate and where the other candidates will go after the opposition chooses the flag bearer and the running mate?

It is time that the media put them into focus, not what they are doing right now but what they will help the nation in the next few years.

Onto the Standard. Today and we look at the top story that is making rounds and it is the on the IEBC voter registration. Standard has gone out to give us the numbers and what the work the IEBC has cut out.

They have laid out the current numbers of the registered voters and the number they are targeting to get as the new voters. They have also gone ahead to outline both Jubilee and Nasa sides and their agendas with voting and how they are targeting to get the votes. They have also gone out to be all inclusive because they have not sidelined the IEBC and what they are planning.

We switch our story to the Nairobi gubernatorial race and how the Jubilee house seems to be divided. The Standard has run a story on Peter Kenneth.

Peter Kenneth yesterday finally unveiled his political ambition for the Nairobi Governor position. He becomes one of the very many who have gone out to announce their bid through the Jubilee ticket. He has also made clear of his plans for the city and what he plans to do for the city.

The media has done a good job unveiling him as a candidate but now they need to switch up the game and see what his policy is for the city. They also need to ask what he is standing for and how he is going to make sure that it is possible.

These are the stories that are making headlines in the morning get yourself a copy of the Daily Nation or The Standard and see this and other top stories.


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