Review of Class 124 radio show of Jan 16

By David Mwenda
She is practically one of the best radio personalities in the country. Her show comes every single week day from 1pm to 4pm.

Its class 124 and it’s literally the one thing you need to get to listen to in the afternoon when you’re in the office or at home.

The show has the setting of a classroom; it begins with the ring of a bell to ensure you are attentive and are ready to listen to the show. Today it was all about money and hustle hence it’s Hustle Monday.

One thing with her is that she is very entertaining. She delves into topics she does that in a fun way and she makes sure you have the best content you need.

Today she was talking to different entrepreneurs and what it has taken to build their companies and businesses and advising people who are starting in the business. She opens the forum up to all to discuss things and lets people freely express themselves.

The hype on the show is a killer. If you are having a boring Monday in the office then this was the radio show to listen to and it really doesn’t disappoint.

She makes sure that you have the psyche to carry on until the show is over. She literally gives you the reason to smile.
Her use of the social media scene is interesting.

She makes sure that people are heard and she makes sure you have your say in whatever she is talking about. She uses it to gauge the way the show is going to take cause. She also uses her social media audience to an advantage and makes sure that the comments she is reading regarding a particular topic make sense.

Her choice of playing all types of music is very interesting. She doesn’t stick to one genre and you cannot hear a song being repeated at any one point. She lets people get to choose their playlist when it gets to 3 pm and she makes sure you have control of the playlist.

However, she, needs to diversify the type of music further by playing all content equally. At one point you feel like she is mostly playing a lot of hip hop music and she needs to do something about that.

The way she makes sure that you do not have to listen to adverts in the same way you listen to them. For example the Coke ad, she went on to make sure who brought her coke to the office. Did I mention it was a fan? Yes it was.

Anyway that’s not important she also gives out Blaze bundles in the most amazing way. You have to go and look for something in a person of interest’s timeline and make sure that you have the information she requires and if you nail it you get to win bundles worth 2,000 shillings.

Her approach to things is very interesting and you really need to listen to the show every single day and get to listening trust me you won’t be disappointed with her.


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