A glance at top stories by Nation and Star websites on Jan 17

By David Mwenda

Daily Nation

The big story in the Daily Nation is on the IEBC voter registration. Yesterday, the IEBC started adding more voters to its roll.

The program has kicked off country wide. However, most areas registered low voter turnout and it’s really a wait for the last day’s situation for many unregistered Kenyans and others who do not have identity cards have also failed to register.

The Nation has gone out to bring how both sides of the opposition and the government have gone out to mobilize people to register as voters in the area.

They have highlighted the tours done by Raila Odinga and how he went around Nairobi area trying to mobilize the registration of voters.

I like the way they have covered today’s story on the voter registration it has an all inclusive angle which makes it to have a national outlook.

Another story that is making headlines in The Nation today is the reasons why Evans Kidero and Raila Odinga are worried about importation of voters. Yesterday the two addressed this issue at the KICC.

This comes amidst claims of people coming in the area to register as voters especially in Nairobi. This comes after revelations by Bungoma politician and Sirisia MP hopeful Moses Nandalwe making claims that a Jubilee politician was bringing in Ugandans coming into the country to register as voters.

I think this story needs to be fact checked and the right people asked questions such as how people are coming into the country to register as voters. Also this politicians need to give us the facts and not just say things for the sake of it.

The Star

The Star’s top stories are different and do not focus on the ongoing voter registration. One of the top stories that caught my eye is that of the Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

The man is known to be very controversial and he is at it again. While speaking at Vigilance House yesterday he made it very clear why he has refused his security detail that was dispatched to his home.

He has categorically stated that the detail made available to him was sent to gather intelligence on him. He has maintained that he does not want state protection.

The Coast Regional Cordinator Nelson Marwa has stated that they are investigating the governor for dealing with a drug baron. The angle of this story to me is not good. Why not facts check the story and see if it makes sense?

Look out for the truth from both sides of the divide and give the hard facts.
Onto another story that is making headline in the Star today.

The next story is a commentary by Timothy Bosire who believes that Raila Odinga will be the next president of the nation. The strong convictions of Timothy to me are well founded Raila has shown a lot of commitment in the way he has handled the opposition. My political views aside I think he should have mentioned how Raila Odinga will help make the country a better place and make it a place.

What is his economic plan of the country is and how they are handling the matter.

His look at NASA leaders is a good approach but we as Kenyans do we need to make this a matter of experience we need someone who can be able to make sure this country is running the way we want it to run.

Timothy needs to do a better job rather than give us short histories of the opposition principles why not give us NASA policies.

Anyway, those are the top stories that are making headlines in the Nation and the Star. Get yourself a copy and get on to read them.


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