A review of NTV’s Press Pass of Jan 16

By David Mwenda

Last night I watched one of the most informative conversations on the medics’ strike on NTV’s Press Pass.

The members of the panel were Macharia Gaitho, Eunice Kilonzo, Elizabeth Ogaja and Dr. George Got.

The show was basically looking at the way the media has handled the strike for the more than forty days it has been in action. Here are a few things that stood out for me during the interview:
Brenda Wanga’s reporting and the cover story that laid basis for the discussion. She made sure she had covered all angles of the story.

She emphasized on Judge Hellen Wasilwa’s ruling and how the health strike is affecting the country in general.

However I think she could have focused on more angles of the story with one bulletin or they could have merged both reports. This would have made the conversation more interesting.
Mark’s good conversation skills also made the day.

I enjoyed Mark’s ability to ask the relevant questions to the relevant people. He also made sure he was involving the right people at the right time.

His choice of a good panel enabled him to maintain a good conversation. Mark also made sure he had done his research and he presented the questions in an informed manner and did not put pressure on any of the panel members. This enabled him to get the information clear to the audience.

Another thing that made the day was Macharia Gaitho’s comments on how the media was handling the situation. Old is gold and Macharia proved that adage to be very true.

His angle of looking at the stories covered should be an eye opener to the media. He mentioned how the media has covered the social and medical side of the story but not the labour side of the story. I do agree we have not gotten that part of the story, that’s why Judge Wasilwa’s comments have been condoned and we are not talking about them.

We are also not mentioning whether this CBA has anything else apart from salary increment. Macharia made the conversation worth wile with his critical look at how the media is doing its job.
I think what also stood out is Dr. Got’s comments.

I think the doctor was very eloquent and made sure that he had represented the interests of the doctors in a sensible and respectable manner.

He was not rude to an of the panel members and made sure he responded to their queries in a very respectable manner.

He made sure the doctors were represented and defended them to the core and made sure they have brought out their message well.

Finally the last thing that stood out for me was Eunice Kilonzo’s final remarks. She painted the matter of a frustrated public who wanted to see the doctors back to work.

She pointed out of the many people who were begging her t talk to doctors to come back to work. She pointed out how the people were very discouraged by the way the health sector has come to its knees by this strike.

The show has a nice approach I mean getting someone to look critically at the media while at the media still is a very hard task but Mark was able to pull it off in the most stunning manner.

He however needs to involve the viewers and let them also have a piece of the conversation.


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