Review of top stories on Daily website on Jan 17

By David Mwenda
One of the top stories that caught my eye on the Business Daily website is on chicken.

Well, the government has banned imports of chicken into Kenya from Uganda due to the rise of bird flu in the country.

The situation is yet to be contained. However the government has imposed a ban in order to control the situation from escalating and further spread into the country.

Business Daily has done a good thing to analyze how this story affects Ugandans and Kenyans in particular. They have also gone on further to make sure we have the hard facts and not just giving us suggestions.

We switch on to another story that is making headlines in business news. We look at betting. It has become an obsession with many Kenyans participating in betting or gambling and the betting industry garnering Sh7 billion monthly and 100 billion yearly.

The Betting Control and Licensing Board has come into the picture and has come with very stringent measures in order to keep the industry in check and make sure that people have gotten in line and they are doing the right thing.

It has stopped the importation of the gaming equipment and devices. This is to control illegal gambling which has escalated over time. It will also see most gaming equipment is original and has been licensed. It is a very bold move to curb such things and to avoid people going on with illegal activities.

The story only covers one faction and leaves the other hanging for one we have no gotten the reaction of the betting companies and other stake holders as to how they will take this news.

The other story that caught my eye is that of the opposition leader Kalonzo Musyoka. He has formally quit his position at a law firm he helped start the Musyoka, Wambua and Katuku Advocates he retired from the law firm but maintained his position as a consultant.

The law firm partners have continued to have had contentions. However Mr. Musyoka has quit the firm and the rift of the partners made the partnership to die down and the partners going their separate paths.

This story to me was not too relevant. Why not focus on the economic policy of the Wiper flag bearer and why they are different from the government in place today?

Onto our final story making headlines in the business world and it’s on the shoe industry. Bata shoe company has been ordered to reimburse its customers shoes which are considered low quality.

This comes after a series of complaints from customers. The directive issued by the Competition Authority of Kenya will see many customers get a refund of the products they bought.

Bata also put out a statement to tell affected consumers to report to the place they had bought their products for assistance.

The story is well angled and it accommodates both sides if not all the sides of the story and makes sure they are well catered for.


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