A glance at the Star and Daily Nation sites on Jan 20


Good morning, it’s inauguration day in USA. The world welcomes the newest world leader and the most unexpected of all — Donald Trump. Here is the newspaper review for today.

The Star

We kick off with the biggest stories in The Star today. Its top story is on the governorship battle for Nairobi. There appears to be a twist in the story. The Star has run a story on how the office of the Deputy President is not supporting Peter Kenneth’s bid for Governor of Nairobi. The Star has also revealed that the office of the Deputy Governor is giving support to the Team Nairobi which comprises of Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, Margret Wanjiru and Johnson Sakaja who are eyeing the Governors post.

It has also included parts of Sonko’s sentiments on Peter Kenneth’s bid for Governor. I think this story is well written and has brought out the hard facts about Jubilee and how it will carry out its nomination and how they plan on removing the current governor Evans Kidero from his post.

On to another political story now and we shift to the oldest political party in Kenya KANU. KANU has formally announced it way forward or rather will be announcing its bid in the next two weeks. Speaking at their NEC meeting yesterday the chairman of the party Gideon Moi said he will be announcing the way forward of the party in the next two weeks.

He has a hard decision to make on whether to side with Uhuru or to side with Raila Odinga. However what happens to what the Secretary General said last week at the NASA meeting. They should have also relayed any other information at the press conference or at least ask how they are inclined on the matter.

Daily Nation

On to the Daily Nation and its top story shifts focus to sports. January 19th was the SOYA awards gala the event which was marked with pomp and colour went on to celebrate Kenyan sports players and award their hard work. One woman stands out Vivian Cheruyiot who managed to bag the best athlete award for this year.

The Nation has given her the limelight and went on to talk about her career and how she has won this and that. However they also went on to mention other winners and also gave their full list and mentioned other important awards such as the Team of the year category which went out to the Kenyan Sevens team.

I think they gave this a nationalistic angle and I love it because it seems like a nice thing to celebrate our talent and make them feel wanted in the country and they also feel loved and respected.

On to another story on the Daily Nation, the doctors strike has continued on and we have seen every single angel on the story and how it is affecting the country. Different journalists have come up with different angles to the story and have talked to just about everyone on this matter. This however not amounted to any solution.

The Daily Nation today has run a story on an intern who has highlighted the plight of the striking doctors. She has gone ahead to give us information on how the doctors are really suffering in this country and how they can be helped out in the long run. It paints a very perspective of the government’s insensitiveness to the strike.

It has reinforced that they do not want just a salary hike but they also want their working conditions improved and many other things.  I think this story is a touching way to tell the relevant sides to come together and find a solution to the unending doctors’ strike.



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