A review of the Kalekye’s debut Talk Central show on K24

By David Mwenda

The brand new edition of Talk Central premiered yesterday and I must say I like it. The show which is now being hosted by former radio personality Kalekye Mumo has a new spin to it. It is a total shift from the way Eric Njoka handled it.

The show’s brand new cast hosted Sauti Sol on its first show.

The interview was actually a very delightful thing I got to learn a few things about Sauti Sol. I have to day I love Kalekye’s interviewing style. She is fun and lively and she makes it work out for herself in a good way.

She is a good conversationalist, endearing and doesn’t like being too hard when she is doing an interview and she makes it be able to get out the right information and viewers want to watch on the show.

She is also a great interviewer and does her research very well and asks all the relevant questions especially on their fashion sense and how Sauti Sol has come under fire from Bob Collymore.

She also managed to ask on how the guys relationship and how they are coping after they changed their living arrangements. I love how they included some projects that Sauti Sol is working on and how they are planning on improving their Soma soma initiative.

Another brilliant idea I saw is the TC Gang which comprises of Fridah Sande and Amani Maranga. The two are both brilliant minds and I love the fact they have been included to the show. I also love the way they are included on the show and their variety of questions.  Their quick fire questions are also very different from what you would expect.

They are, however, not so many and they need to be questions you wouldn’t think of asking on other shows. Why not ask about past relationships? Or their most embarrassing moments on stage or even on the streets?

Also the other thing that made my day is their “what’s hot segment.” The what’s hot segment “talks about a wide range of topics and what the TC gang feels about this story. They discussed a wide range of stories on STL and her claims of battling a US rapper and actually beat him too it but he asked her what show was talking about.

I think the what’s hot segment is a lively show and they really bring out the sentiments of the members of the TC gang however it is too short and needs to be expounded on.

I think the show is a good idea brilliant actually but it needs to be shift to a different day. If the show is about getting ratings then they need to make sure they run it on Friday or Saturday.

They also need to make it look less of a knock off of other TV shows in Kenya. Why not build a different concept of the show instead of a making it look less of the Trend.



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