Analysis of Citizen Live at Nine interview of Jan 19

By David Mwenda

The Live at Nine interview yesterday was one of the liveliest interviews I have seen on the show.

The heated argument between Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa and Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati gave a clear indication of the heightened political temperature in the country.

Moderator Anne Kiguta was clearly made the best of both side’s hate for each other and made it a good debate for the show.

There are a few things that made my day on the interview. First things first the CORD- Jubilee exchange, the two legislators were fighting each other on what they have doing for the nation. They made heated exchanges of how the governor for Nairobi is not doing his job. The other side claiming that they would have done something but the National government is frustrating by not paying its loans.

The exchange did not end there, they also traded accusations on how tribalism. Kimani blamed CORD for playing ethnic politics and the exchange changed. The allegations are true and they were brought out by the resident analyst Prof. Edward Kisiangani who claimed that people are likely to vote for people who are in the same ethnic community.  This is where Kimani Ichungwa and were brought out Raila’s comments when he met the aspirants in Nairobi county. I think this topic is a good thing and we need more comments on this issue and how it can be tackled on the show.

The show also delved into matters corruption. One thing is for sure both sides of the divide are tearing into each other on matters to do with corruption. The two did not leave this matter to rest on this interview. Both sides made claims of corruption. One on National government the other on the corruption in the county, the catfight did not drop there. Ichungwa made sure he pointed out the claims of the misappropriation of funds in the county governor.

Another thing that caught my eye is the comments made by Professor Edward Kisiangani. The man is a brilliant mind and he is one of the best legal minds in the country.  He is well versed on matters politics and government politics. He sheds light on matters and they become bright as day. Yesterday he was on point and he made sure we were well briefed and made sure the debate was sober.

The interview was to try and make out what both sides want to make of the interview so why not invite the aspirants who are running on the show and have a debate between them. Why not hold a debate on how to handle matters such as sewerage, traffic jams and other matters. It is important to know what the aspirants stand for and not just trading accusations on who is the best and who is not.

Anne could have done a good job moderating the interview by asking them on how they would settle for candidate and what their agenda for Nairobi would be.


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