Mpasho vs Ghafla! a review of the entertainment blogs on Jan 19

By David Mwenda

We step aside from bringing you political news. We also bring you the entertainment side of it. We take a look at the top entertainment news websites, Mpasho and Ghafla! Kenya.


Their first story is on Peter Kenneth’s daughter, the lady who has caused a stir with the gentlemen for her good looks made her debut in public life by accompanying her father to launch his presidential bid in 2013.

People have generally continued to have keen interest on her. However she has come into the limelight for revealing who she is seeing him.

Mpasho has gone ahead to publish pictures of her boyfriend and has gone ahead to break the hearts of many who wanted to date her. I think they should check the facts for this story and get a comment from her.

On to another story, one of Kenya’s top disc jockeys, DJ Krowbar has officially moved to South Africa in search for a better career and opportunities.

The Deejay who is much sought-after  in the country, revealed this on his Instragram page by posting a photo of him and his family when they landed in South Africa and also uploaded a video of how their two children who were playing after they had settled in the country.

The story which has been given a place by Mpasho has shown that he is willing to do anything to be an international brand but why not ask for comments as to why he cannot do it in the country. Why not set up base in the country? It is a good thing we know he has moved but why?


On to the top stories on Ghafla! and one of their top stories being on Mwai Kibaki’s grandson, Andrea Sean and his relationship.

According to Ghafla!, the guy seems to get on fast and seems to be dating another lady. According to reports on her Instagram page she is Italian and is called Samali.

Ghafla! has also gone ahead to publish some of her photos. I think Ghafla! should have got the story from both sides. Also maybe they should get us a one on one interview with the two and get comments on their newly found love.

On to another story that seems to be making headlines on Ghafla! is on Vera Sidika and her derriere which seems to always cause a stir.

The famous socialite who is currently in Dubai has been off the Kenyan radar until she posted a video of her twerkig while in Dubai.

One thing is for sure: we will not get enough of our socialites’ pictures and we will go on to make them famous.

However, our entertainment news sites also need to run stories on their lives in particular and things they are doing.

Why not tell us about the relationship? Why not give us information on whether they are planning on getting married or what step is next for them? Everyone loves a love story.



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