A review of Game Plan 2017 (Citizen TV) of Feb 5

By David Mwenda

This was a different Game Plan 2017.

It was not based on politician guests but on analysts and how they view the current events of the day and what they make of the event.

The show was hosted by Hussein Mohammed and this time I loved the way he held this conversation and it brought about the whole interview.

Here were the things that made my day on the show.

One is the discussion on drugs and how the government is doing to curb this from spreading.

The Jubilee side is in the coast and they made vows to make sure they have completely eliminated the drug menace at the coast. The panel discussed the statements made by the two leaders of the party, Uhuru and Ruto.

I loved the observations of Herman Manyora and how he put the things into perspective. One, the government is complaining instead of giving solutions.

Another thing that caught my eye is the discussion on Nasa. This is another thing that I was eager to see them discuss the issue but still I don’t get how the entire media fraternity is giving Nasa a lot of hype and discussing it as a strategic wing instead of looking at how they are planning at helping Kenyans.

Game Plan failed to ask the questions. They discussed the issue only putting in focus on who is going to be the flag bearer and not what they are offering Kenyans.

One thing is for sure they should have called out Nasa principles and what they think they can do to help the country.
Finally they discussed how the IEBC is prepared and if they can do a good job.

The panel discussed about how the changing of the IEBC commissioners has changed everything and how they appear not ready to run this year’s election.

This is what Manyora said and I have to say I agree with him on this matter and how they have been doing. They have been doing very dismally in responding to queries on double registration.

I think the person of interest on the show was obviously Herman Manyora. The guy is absolutely interesting and very well versed on matters politics.

He is obviously going to be an analyst to watch this year he has definitely already made a name for himself by being very candid with his opinion and has made it fun to listen to him.

Kagwanja is also another analyst to watch this election season his dynamic view is going to make him get a lot of consultation and we are obviously going to be seeing him a lot this year.

The show was interesting. I loved the way the panel discussed very dynamic issues and not sticking to one topic.

Hussein discussed rather than being the guy who asked the questions.

Although in this discussion he was very quiet and didn’t talk so much but still you could feel he was controlling the show and how the two analysts discussed their issues.


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