Here’s my opinion on the first edition of the Nation Agenda series

By David Mwenda
The much-hyped Nation Agenda finally premiered this  morning.

The special report edition is definitely what I have been waiting for the media to do: bring us a view of the election and how it is going to be affecting us as the normal people and how the different government bodies responsible for the election should responsible. Here are a few things that have caught my eye on this piece.
Focus on the people
I love the way the piece is focusing on the Kenyan and how it will affect the normal Kenyan. It has highlighted the plight of Wanjiku on the street and how it will affect his day to day activities. They do not do this generally but they have giving one Kenyan at a time the chance to speak and air their views.
Focus on ethnicity
The paper has put into perspective the ethnicity question and how it has been affecting the nation during the election. They have highlighted how the nation seems to be going to into a tribal census judging by the way the politicians have been going out to the people and asking them to register and how they have been targeting areas they consider very crucial to their win. I also loved the way they have painted the picture of a previous election and how it has turned out to be a blood bath for the nation especially in 2007/08.

Sticking it to the issues
The Nation has tried to make this a national matter instead of making it a tribal election. They have a feature story that shows how the election has to focus on the issues that are affecting the nation. They gave a list of things that seem to be affecting the nation. They have highlighted the issues that politicians need to be focusing on. One of them was corruption, climate change unemployment and how they impact on the nation.

Making the people who matter the chance
The people who will determine how the election will go have also made the cut and how they have been doing the election.

The IEBC is the most important of them and how they will manage the elections is very important. The Inspector-General of the police will also be put on the spotlight and how they will ensure we have a smooth election and a peaceful transition.

The Chief Justice who has just joined the nation’s top judicial office will also be watched if any election petition is made.

How he will handle the presidential petition is very important and his verdict together with other Supreme Court justices will be a thing to watch out for.

You’re being watched
The world will be watching the Kenyan election closely and it is no wonder we will be seeing a lot of observers in the election and how they are doing the electoral process.

Kenya is very important to many companies and governments it is the home to many companies and it explains why we will be watched closely by the international media and the community itself.

The edition is simply the best thing the nation can afford to read. The edition is very well thought-out and it is giving the power to people. However, they can also involve cut-throat interviews and exclusives on different politicians and their take on their policy for the country.


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