So many things to love about NTV’s Wicked Edition of Feb 7

By David Mwenda

The Wicked Edition’s host made sure it was a funny but educative show. Here are the highlights.


I know I say this a lot but part of the media’s job is to actually educate us on the nitty-gritty and give us relevant information on topics they choose to give us. The Wicked Edition did this in a unbelievable way yesterday. They made sure they had given us the ravages of drugs and how it affecting the country. They do not focus on what the politicians have been giving us as promises. They made sure they have gone through all the trouble to bring us relevant information on how alcohol and drugs help us.


I see a young Trevor Noah in this guy and I believe Dr King’ori is on a good path to making it big as a talk show host. He has been doing a good job making topics such as drugs both funny and educative. He has a crucial role of being a comedian talk show host, but he has also worked hard to make people take him seriously.


The show is very relatable to all people and it makes sure it cuts across everyone and what people. The very important thing for a TV show is to be able to relate to people. Connection is very important to people and Dr King’ori does this by doing this show. His show is very relatable to the young and yesterday it was able to connect with people who have a drug problem or people who didn’t have information on how drugs are really affecting Kenyans out there.


The entire show concept is out of this world. The show is a definite hit for the difference. NTV has set the bar high for other TV shows and is definitely shaping the way we view TV and talk shows. They make sure we have over-the-top entertainment. I am not talking about the Wicked Edition but also had other shows which are relatable to everyone and make sure current affairs are addressed in the right way.

The deal breaker

The deal breaker for me was the interview with the former Miss World Anne Mathu. She has done a lot of things and had accomplished a lot of things, successful and had already made a name for herself when she started doing alcohol and everything seemed to head south.

The interview was emotional brought her out as relatable and funny. She made the message we wanted to hear we have learnt the truth about drugs and how to control them.

Even though I think it was a soft  ball she was repetitive and Dr King’ori did not seem to be bothered with it.



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