Thoughts on top stories in the Nation and Standard websites on Feb 8

By David Mwenda

We take a look at stories that have madeheadlines in the papers today. Are they doing it right are they making sure we have the relevant things or are doing a whacky job? Media Critic Kenya is going to make sure you know their sides of the story and whether they are misleading you or not.

Daily Nation

Their top story is on Joho and his reply to the sudden threats being made by the government on how they will handle the war on drugs.

First things first. I think they are doing the right thing to make sure we have the sentiments made by Joho. However, my thoughts still remain the same: the media has made this a political issue and thus nothing can be done about it now.

The Daily Nation has also made Joho seem unfriendly to the media and made him look very undemocratic. However, he might be stating facts because the media stopped looking at facts and has taken it to a new level.

Moving on to another story, we look at the elections. The Nation has run a story and has already made sure we have the insight that diaspora voters may not be voting after all.

According to the story they are logistical matters. The media has run the story to make the IEBC look unprepared and not ready to run this year’s elections. The story is very educative but it doesn’t question whether democracy is being put to test by not allowing those in the diaspora to vote.

The Standard

Its top story is an informative piece. It is on the war on graft and how it has affected the nation as a whole.  The “Chickengate” scandal is back to our news cycle.

Former IEBC CEO James Oswago was in court today in the morning. The story continues to inform the country of how we will continue to face problems of corruption.

However, I am of the view the issue of corruption has been made a talking point in every conversation we have in the media both written, visual and radio. Its more of who is more corrupt now more than covering the true story of what is happening. Lives are being messed up because of this drug menace but instead we choose to highlight how politicians are going at each other’s throats over corruption.

There is more politics in the Standard, and it’s on the election that is coming up in August.

So, finally Kalonzo has come out guns blazing to say he will not be leaving Nasa to run for office solo.

The media is so focused on making Kalonzo look shaken and undecided and has continued to do so in every way they see fit. From claiming that he might be shifting alliances to making seem like he will leave Nasa if he is not picked as the flag bearer for Nasa.

One thing is they might want to give him space to breathe and campaign because it’s politics and it’s always going to be competitive.




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