What I noticed from Victoria’s Lounge (NTV) of Feb 9

By David Mwenda

The show took a different view from what it normally talks about and chose to have a political discussion. I say this because corruption has now become a political issue which has proven hard to tackle. However, here are the things about the show that caught my eye.

The guests

I am always complaining of how the media is not having the conversation with the right people. Most media houses invite politicians who end up making it an issue of who is stealing more than the other. The panel this time did not disappoint and they discussed the real issues. Boniface Mwangi portrayed the activist side of politics while Rita Mutegi and Michael Orwa presented appeared to approach the matter socially. They do not have any political background hence it was easy for them to tackle the pertinent issues without prejudice.

The audience

This was a really stand-out audience for me. It was what you would call an expert audience. Most of the time the audience is picked based on very shady criteria and hence the host cannot have a meaningful conversation. They made sure their contributions left a meaningful impact on the conversation and not just being there for the show.  I think the media should have more such audiences which can raise good issues.

These are the my takeaways from the show.

The media is afraid to expose corruption

The show brought this out through sentiments made by many of the audience members and reiterated by Michael Orwa. Long gone are the days when investigative journalism was really carried out in the country. It has now become all about just shallow news and bylines of how corruption is affecting the country. They should make sure it is more than conversations and focus on going deep into any matter. They should not just bring shallow details of a scandal why not just investigate it and make sure we have the right information.

Is the media doing enough to make sure we are dealing with culture of corruption?

The media has a role in making sure we have the right information. They should also make sure we have been educated on a few things. One is the media addressing the culture of corruption by telling you not to give bribes. Are they talking to the relevant people on their shows and bringing them to task on their show?



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