Who also felt Ben Kitili’s Choice 2017 show on Feb 12 was jumbled up?

By David Mwenda

Choice 2017 is a show that is focused on politics and the election. The show however needs a lot of work if its going to be successful. Here are the things that made the show worth and not worth watching.

Putting Nasa on the spotlight for policy

The show hosted Kipruto Kirwa of the ANC and Chris Wamalwa and many other people on the show. Wamalwa did a good job explaining how Nasa is preparing to pick its presidential candidate.

However, that had not been the only thing being discussed on the show. Ben Kitili, the host of the show, tasked the member of technical team on the policy and how they plan on doing for the country. This is what I have been tasking the media to do and finally they are making steps to make it an issue instead of focusing on its strategy. The show made sure they had asked on the way Nasa would bring change to the country at large.

Focus on Nasa

The show host was constantly asking on Nasa about their strategy and how they plan on doing the election of the presidential pick and how they were planning on approaching the August polls. Ben did not spare any questions that could have been on Kenyans’ minds and what they thought of the election. He asked all the questions and put into perspective all the things that seem to be a headache to Nasa leadership.

One such thing was the Kalonzo question where he seems to be appearing on all sides of the equation and how he seems to be paramount in every side either as presidential pick or vice presidential pick.  The media has constantly painted Kalonzo as shaky and want to make him seem like he will be leaving Nasa and run on his own find himself a sweet deal in Jubilee.

The show was definitely about putting Nasa to task to on how they plan to change the world with their ideas.  Here are things I think should be changed.

  1. Its jumbled up

The show appears to be jumbled up and crammed and jammed for one hour yet they want to talk about many things. The show would have talked about different things such as the Nasa and the area of Trans Nzoia as a voting block and how it has changed on different. The programme should have focused on one thing because for one discussing a matter such as Nasa, which is diverse.

  1. Involved Jubilee side to make it more interesting

The work of the media is to make sure we have quality news and entertainment as well. The programme’s team should have looked at ways on making this more interesting and one way of doing this was to let the Jubilee take part in the discussion and also tasking them on their nominations and how they plan on doing this.

The show is a good idea but the execution is not so good.  It is a good thing to have different shows and conversation but they should be brought out in a way that makes the show interesting. KTN should rethink strategy on the show or it will end up just being a show with no spine and lose respect.


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