A review of the morning show of Feb 17 on the KTN stations

By David Mwenda

Friday morning saw the unveiling of a brand new show which is set to rock Kenyans’ entire weekend mornings and get viewers to wake up in the morning.

The show, which is set to be hosted by Tamima Ibrahim, has really caught my eye. I love the way KTN is doing its shows on KTN News. Here are the things that made the show quite the catch on its first edition and why you should catch it.


The show is quite informative and is very interesting to watch. It is not your normal breakfast show which is always discussing some serious issue. They are also looking at ways the entertainment side of the show. Their coverage of the news is also very brief to make sure we have the fun on the matter. They have also gone to the extent of making sure we have a say by constantly sharing what we are saying on social media.  The show has definitely got the point of having a thin line between entertainment and politics and the importance of a morning show in the weekend.

The Hot Topics

 I love the way the panel has always worked out its matters. The show tackles the hot topics with a lot of wit and charm and they always make my morning and how they are reporting the matter. Today in the morning they discussed a wide range of matters on the show and how they are looking into it. The panel which has media experts on it describe us a picture of how they see the world and how the matter was reported in the way that has been focused. They give a chance to the media to give their insights into matters and how they see them not just from the news room but also in real life.

The mixes by DJ Genius

The mix by DJ Genius was a definite hit for me. He came through and I love the way he put a lot of emphasis on Kenyan music in his music. The show is definitely promoting a lot of Kenyan content and covering the Kenyan artistes in good light. The show should also extend the mix time to allow more content to be played in the show. He also needs to take in requests from people for more involvement by the audience which is closely following at home.

The hip hop beef interview

The show had the presence of rappers Kevo, Naiboi and Khaligraph to the show. The interview was very interesting and did not cover the usual questions that soft ball interviews ask. They asked about the current music situation and our trailing to the other sides of the market. The interview involved all sides such as the DJ’s side from DJ Genius and his thoughts on the hip hop landscape and if Kenyan artiste need more air play.

Tamima also took the chance to call on the youth to register as voters by asking them if they had registered. She also inquired about their expectations of the leaders and artistes as well.



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