The debut of The Untold Story (KTN News) was oh-so-good

By David Mwenda

The Untold Story finally happened on Thursday on KTN News with Duncan Khaemba.

The show had been hyped a lot. The first edition was an absolutely amazing in every way.

It was a very interesting show and here is what stood out for me in the show.

It is creative

The show is very creative. The entire concept is very interesting and made sure we have all the angles of the officials involved in the accident. They made sure they have all the facts and made sure that they have covered the story by avoiding to make the report another interview and death inquiry but also informed. The show’s take of a documentary format stood out for me. It made sure we knew the back story of the news item and how the victims felt about it. The views by Moody Awori, Raphael Tuju and all the people mentioned on the show a lot of graphic description of how the show went on.


The show is very is very emotive in the way that it was presented. and it was very interesting to see how it was brought out by Duncan Khaemba.

His hosts were very emotional about the whole ordeal and I felt very emotional at some point when Linah Jebii Kelimo explained her last moments with Wanyiri Kihoro and how she went into a coma and died four years after.

It was very sad to see Wanyiri Kihoro’s story making his comments and how bitter he was with the then President Mwai Kibaki and how he felt abandoned by the family even after donating 16 million to the campaign but even no visit to the family.

He also rejected his offer to attend the burial of Wanyiri and ignored his plea to the funeral and how he felt betrayed.

Another emotional part that stood out for me was how Moody Awori describes how he felt like it was his fault that he was the one who had caused the accident.

He felt like he was the one who caused the death because hadn’t it not been for his party the officials wouldn’t have to have left with a plane and crashed.

The story of George Khaniri and his inability to take a plane after the crash was very saddening for me because he was now unable to travel with planes.

He made us really feel the impact of the story and how it changed his life for a while and how he was almost giving up on using a plane.

The show also gave a chance for people to give their comments with the hash tag #BusiaTragicParty.

The show resonated well with all audiences and people who would want to know what happened to the plane.

I really hope they have worked on an interview with the ministers who took care of the event and how they felt about the tragic event that led to the death of a minister.


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